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Surgical Spoons & Curettes

Surgical spoons are a very common instrument used in the dental field to remove cysts, pathologic tissue, or other debris from the tooth socket. Dental surgery spoons are sharp and spoon-shaped to clean out infected cavity areas. The spoons or curettes are designed with 7mm working ends that cover a good surface area. The surgical German stainless steel composition makes them durable. Most surgical spoons come with a round or oval design. The double-ended spoons have hollow, ergonomic handles, so you can get maximum comfort during surgery and provide better services to all of your patients.

The range of our surgical spoons includes Molt surgical spoon, Miller surgical curette, and Lucas surgical curette, commonly used in dental procedures. We have a wide range of sizes with straight, curved, or angled designs. The highly polished finish makes them aesthetically suitable and corrosion-resistant. We make sure to provide a high degree of precision and flexibility while conducting the clinical procedure.

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