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Universal Curette

A universal curette is a double-ended instrument used for periodontal scaling. This dental curette is also used for the debridement of calculus and root planning. Furthermore, it can easily cater to all different tooth surfaces. We manufacture many different patterns of this multifunctional instrument.

Following are some excellent patterns of dental universal curettes:

•    BH5/6 Barnhart Universal Curette
•    BH1/2 Barnhart Universal Curette
•    17/18 Langer Universal Curette
•    ME1 Universal Curette
•    411/412 Universal Curette

The universal curette dental instrument comes with two cutting edges for each working end and it consists of a blade that is at a right angle to the shaft. For performing the procedure this instrument is held in the dominant hand and the cutting edge is placed against the tooth surface. Furthermore, by achieving the working angle of 70 to 80 degrees between tooth and blade, lateral pressure is applied in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal pull strokes to remove the calculus.
At GerDentUSA we have enhanced our manufacturing techniques over the years, according to the needs of modern professionals. We produce top-of-the-line dental instruments without compromising on superior quality.

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