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Gracey Curette, AF15/16 RIGID

SKU: GD-636
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The Gracey Curette, AF15/16 RIGID, has more sharply angulated blades than Gracey 11/12 variant. So it is more efficient for accessing the deeper subgingival calculus. Primarily, it's an area-specific curette for the molar’s mesial surface. Periodontitis can reuse this German stainless steel curette multiple times.

Categories: Gracey Curette

Our Gracey Curette, AF15/16 RIGID, is free from material and craftsmanship defects. It is easily handleable owing to its textured, round handle. Moreover, Its shanks are non-reflective to identify the targeted area easily and prevent eye strain.
In addition, it is:

• Rigid pattern 
• Corrosion-resistant 
• Easily handleable 
• Ergonomic in design 



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