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Elevators, Anglevators, Periotomes, luxating elevators, and forceps are part of the specific equipment set required for Minor oral surgeries and extraction procedures. Numerous other tools such as Bone Rongeurs, Bone Files, Chisels, Osteotomes, and Periotomes are also used. An extensive armamentarium is required for Oral Surgery; instruments are chosen according to the type of procedure being performed.

Dental surgical procedures require a myriad of instruments for incising tissue, for the elevation of mucoperiosteum, bone removal, extractions, and suturing and dressing the wound. Surgical knives are used for incisions, while bone removal is aided by Rongeurs, Files, Chisels, and mallets. Thumb Forceps, Tissue Forceps, and Dressing Forceps are used for dressing the wound. Extraction instruments include Anglevators, forceps, Periotomes, root fragment forceps, etc.

The basic armamentarium for any dental procedure is the same. Mouth mirrors, explorers, periosteal elevators, and tissue forceps are used in almost every procedure. Dental instruments such as Scalers and Curettes are used in Periodontal surgeries. Endodontic Pluggers/ Condensors and other handy instruments such as the Endo finger ruler are used during endodontic procedures.

There is an extensive list of general surgical instruments. Excisional instruments, Incisional instruments, Hemostatic instruments, Extraction instruments, and wound closure instruments are used for basic procedures. However, instrument choice depends mainly on the type of surgery. Special instruments designed for Periodontal, Endodontic and Orthodontic surgeries have a specific armamentarium. General surgical tools are sharp, versatile, efficient, and durable.

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