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Dental Surgical Instruments

The primary objective of every healthcare practitioner is to provide quality treatment to their patients. After all, it's all about reputation in the fast-pacing and highly competitive healthcare marketplace. However, medical care can be compromised if you are still using the orthodox dentist tools or simply don’t have enough dental surgical instruments to treat your patients. It will result in nothing but a couple of negative comments on online platforms or a scathing testimonial. Which could directly impact your appointments and send your profits plummeting.

Therefore, it has become the need of the hour for dental professionals to make every possible effort i.e. selection of reliable tools and using the right techniques, etc to provide the standard medical aid to the patients. However, now gone are the days, when finding dependable manufacturers and suppliers of the dental surgical instruments was one of the major challenges.

However, in this modern era, manufacturers like GerDentUSA have actually made things easy for healthcare practitioners around the world.

Just think for a while!

You get a chance to purchase all the instruments, regardless of whether they are periodontal, endodontists, diagnostic, etc, at a single platform?

How does that sound?

Exciting? Of course, it is! It's actually what we at GerDentUSA offer. We provide a wide range and variety of surgical dental instruments that can meet your clinical needs. Our dental and oral surgical instruments are recommended by dental surgeons around the world and are designed as the best in invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures. They are used during periodontal, endodontic, orthodontic, and diagnostic surgical procedures. At GerDentUSA, quality matters to us. We offer the finest quality instruments to ensure dental procedures are streamlined easily. Our complete surgical kits and sets are designed to cover the entire surgical procedure with perfection. Before diving into further discussion, let's discuss the most commonly used instruments in dentistry. And more importantly, which type of instruments you can purchase from us.

Commonly Used instruments in Dentistry

Anglevators Anglevators are used to loosen teeth from the periosteum. They perform six functions of other instruments, such as periotomes, luxators, crane picks, elevators, and proximators. 
Endodontic Instruments Endodontic instruments are used to treat tissues around the tooth root. The root canal treatment is done to clean, shape, and fill the cavity of the root. 
Orthodontic Instruments Orthodontic instruments are used to treat abnormal arrangement of teeth and shape of the jaw. They allow the application of braces to correct the position of teeth without any hassle. 
Dental Elevators Dental Elevators are used to extract teeth during oral extraction procedures. Most of these elevators come with concave blades adjusted easily with the round shape of the teeth.  
Crown Instruments Crown instruments allow dentists to remove or fixate tooth crowns. They make it possible to trim, cut, or easily hold the crowns. Also, they are reusable and rustproof. 
Dental Implant Instruments Dental Implant Instruments are commonly used during dental procedures. Each instrument ensures long-term use and effective delivery. They are strong, lightweight, and rustproof. 
Dental Diagnostic Instruments Diagnostic Forceps help in diagnosing a problem. They include mirrors, probes, and explorers. Mirrors reflect the surface to provide a better view, while probes let you explore it. 
Dental Extraction Forceps Dental Extraction Forceps easily grab and extract the tooth once it has been loosened from the periosteum. These forceps come with a strong jaw to ensure a better grip over the tooth. 
Periodontal Probes Periodontal Probes enable surgeons to explore the surgical site without harming the nearby tissues. They help the surgeon in diagnosing the disease and are easy to handle.
Periotomes Periotomes separate the tooth from the periodontal ligament. They have sharp blades and come with an ergonomic design.


Who Are We?

For over 30 years, GerDentUSA Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying dental and oral surgical instruments made from German stainless steel to ensure its long-lasting instrument solutions. We follow the FDA guidelines strictly to ensure our instruments are perfect and ready to use.

Why Choose Us?

Our dental surgical instruments are all about strength and durability. The Tungsten Carbide inserts add features to the product and makes it much stronger for oral healthcare professionals all over the world. The ones manufactured with titanium offer high biocompatibility and resilience against environmental pressures. Instruments with dark color coating reflect less light and allow surgeons and the medical staff to better view under the operating light. This leads to more precise oral surgical procedures. We design and manufacture high-quality tools according to the needs and wants of the ever-growing surgical industry.

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