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Periodental Curette

Periodontal curettes are a type of dental instrument used in dentistry and dental hygiene. They are used in scaling and root planing. The periodontal curettes consist of one face, one or two cutting ends, and a rounded back and rounded toe. The instruments are usually the best instruments for subgingival calculus removal.

We are offering a wide range of periodontal curettes. The periodontal curettes mainly consist of two types, e.g., Universal curettes and Gracey curettes. These instruments are both involved in patient’s dental hygiene care during nonsurgical periodontal therapy. 

The periodontal Gracey curette is a specialized curette made from German stainless steel. They are used to remove supra and subgingival calculus. The advanced dental Gracey curette structure comprises a rounded back and toe, which prevents damaging the gingival tissue.

The Gracey curettes are the perfect instrument to use for root planning and subgingival scaling due to the instrument's innovative design that ensures the best adaptation to root anatomy. These innovative curettes are best to add to your surgical kit to ensure efficient clinical outcomes.

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