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Dental Elevators

Tooth elevators loosen teeth to remove impacted teeth or roots from the socket. They are crucial for dental extraction procedures, and dentists use them before applying forceps for easy tooth extraction. Dental elevators work on the principle of leverage to dislodge a tooth from its socket without damaging the nearby tissues and gums. Moving forward, these dental instruments are available in the following patterns.

•    Apexo Elevator 
•    Apical Elevator 
•    Barry Elevator 
•    Bein Elevator 
•    Bernard Elevator 
•    Flohr Elevator 

Features of Dental Elevators 

The main components of this elevator dental tool include handles, blades, and shanks. The handle is robust and sturdy for easy handling of the instrument during the dental extraction procedure. The shanks are available in long and short styles that dentists can select according to the needs of the ongoing process. 

Not only this, but the blades are also available in different sizes and shapes, making the selection of the right tool easy. Finally, the choice of dental elevators depends on the tip size that perfectly matches the diameter of the root. 

GerDentUSA offers an extensive range of dental tools along with multiple variations. Our instruments are perfect for being part of your dental tool kit. Moreover, our high-quality extraction elevators are specially designed to make the dental extraction procedure atraumatic. We are committed to bringing more ease to dentistry with our unique tools. 


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