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Luxating Elevators (Anglevator) Straight

Luxating Elevators (Anglevator) Straight has a thinner, sharper, and quite comprehensive straight tip. It can reach between the bone and root in the periodontal ligament securely. It is specially designed to maneuver in tighter areas.

We have designed this innovation to assist dentists while performing tooth extractions, as Luxating Elevators (Anglevator) Straight is suitable to loosen, remove, and impact teeth.

Most importantly, it is a combination of six dental hand-held instruments, including the Proximator, Chisel, Crane Pick, Elevator, Periotome, and Luxator. Hence, if you are looking for an instrument that can make tooth extractions highly atraumatic, then consider buying this unique dental instrument. 
Surely, you will find it more accommodating and valuable than other elevating instruments in your dental kit. We offer an extensive range of dental anglevators to help professionals with easy tooth extraction. All the variations are built with german stainless steel material to make them last longer, sterilizable, and reusable.

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