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Luxating Elevators

Luxating elevators are used to loosen and elevate the teeth from a periodontal ligament. Like other handheld tools, small, thick, and sturdy handles, shank, and blade/working-end provide a better grip to the users_making the oral procedures effective.   

These instruments have the following features: 
•    Ergonomic round handle
•    Available in sets
•    Multiple sizes/patterns 
•    German Stainless Forged

These instruments are manufactured with premium-grade German surgical stainless material. Which makes them long-lasting and, more importantly, reusable after sterilization. Designed with a focus on sharpness, it makes the cutting of ligaments_ connecting the tooth to the gums as smooth as possible. Moreover, it creates clear cuts that result in faster healing. Its thin and sharp tip helps dentists execute the tooth extraction process precisely. 

GerDentUSA is a one-stop-shop for health care providers because we offer a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, blade types, and lengths available in luxating elevators. For instance, you can either choose such dental surgical instruments with straight or curved blades_depnds on the outcomes you want to achieve. Additionally, we also provide custom-tailored instruments as per the needs of our clients. 

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