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Cryer Elevator


Cryer Elevator is used after coronal aspect of septum bone removal to luxate mandibular molar distal root in order to expose the distal root mesial surface. It is a straight elevator with a triangular blade. Moreover, this elevator has an angulated tip with a flat and convex surface. It is often used when one root is removed and the other is left over. Also, this instrument can aid when there is a fracture present at a lower level. The triangular blade will support eradicating the broken roots in the tooth socket and when the adjacent socket is empty.

Additionally, it will be supportive enough to luxate the maxillary roots and teeth. This single-ended instrument consists of a short handle for an ideal grip. Cryer Elevator is a single-ended instrument crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel. It is also offered in standard handle shape and other sizes as well.

These instruments have the following features: 

•    T-Shaped end
•    Ergonomic Design 
•    German Forged
•    Reusable 

In addition, this elevator will assist in removing the radicular bone and various roots. GerDentUSA offers a broad range of dental surgical instruments that will efficiently perform implants, extraction, and other dental practices. Our dental elevators for luxation and extraction come in multiple sizes and patterns. All these instruments are perfect to be a part of your dental kit. Our Cryer elevator dental tools meet the clinical requirements of dentists and ensure the best healthcare for the patients. 

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