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Apexo Elevator

Apexo Elevator is used for removing broken or fractured root tips below the gum line.
They are ideal for loosening or removing the oral fragments. Moreover, it prevents trauma to the surrounding tissues and teeth as well. The instrument is suitable for the upper anterior roots and small teeth. It comprises German stainless material to become corrosion and environment resistant. Not only that, it boasts high tensile strength and requires minimal maintenance.

The manufacturing of apexo elevator is done ergonomically for practicable use. Also, it has a thumb hold for enhanced convenience of the user. The material is autoclavable for reusing the utensil for many years. Likewise, the working ends of Apexo Elevator are narrow to insert them in the tight spaces for easier luxation of root surface or tooth.The instrument's fine quality makes it long-lasting.

These instruments have the following spectacular features: 
•    Round handle 
•    Lightweight
•    Serrated Pattern 
•    German Forged

We offer multiple variations of these dental elevators to aid several surgical procedures. The serrated pattern makes the extraction easier and quite atraumatic. Apart from that, our dental surgical instruments' top-tier quality and a wide range at affordable prices make us unique from other sellers. Despite this, our priority is to ease the dental surgeons and other medical practitioners to make their oral surgeries highly efficient.

All of the dentistry instruments are deliberately manufactured with spectacular crafting and particularization. Undoubtedly, the instruments will ensure the user's convenience and desired outcomes. Thus, go through our dental surgical instruments to find the ideal ones for your medical practices.

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