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Luxating Elevators/Anglevator Set

The set of luxating elevators/Anglevator contains 06 pieces with different tip diameters to assist dentists in multiple tooth extraction cases. All the tools are a robust structure and ergonomically designed.

The following sizes are included in the set:
•    GD50-5100 - Luxating Elevator 1.5mm Straight (Anglevator Style)
•    GD50-5101 - Luxating Elevator 2mm Straight (Anglevator Style)
•    GD50-5102 - Luxating Elevator 3mm Straight (Anglevator Style)
•    GD50-5103 - Luxating Elevator 4mm Straight (Anglevator Style)
•    GD50-5104 - Luxating Elevator 5mm Straight (Anglevator Style)
•    GD50-5105 - Luxating Elevator 6mm Straight (Anglevator Style)

They all are elevator dental tools but in anglevator style. The different tip sizes help meet multiple requirements. 
Hence, if you are finding dental instruments that can make tooth extractions highly atraumatic, then consider buying a set of our dental luxating elevators/anglevator. We offer an extensive range of these tools to help professionals with easy tooth extraction. All the variations are built with german stainless steel material to make them last longer, sterilizable, and reusable.

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