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Seldin Elevator

Seldin Elevator removes soft tissue and periosteal membrane from the alveolar bone with pushing strokes. It has one working end, a robust shank, and a sturdy palm-fit handle. The operator expertly uses this tool to penetrate the periodontal area and make the tooth loose from inside to be easily extracted with the help of forceps. Furthermore, it can be used for both the upper and lower molar roots. The sharpness of this tool plays an integral part in the extraction procedure. It should be kept sharp at all times for quick and effective treatment.

These Seldin Elevator instruments have the following features: 

   Multiple tip sizes
   Different patterns 
   Ergonomic design 
   Premium Grade

These elevator seldin are rust-free instruments because they are made of high-quality medical-grade German stainless steel. Which not only makes them corrosion-free but also highly durable. 
GerDentUSA manufactures a broad range of dental surgical instruments to cater to the ever-changing demands of modern-day procedures. The quality of our material and craftsmanship is exemplary. We have spent years perfecting our production methods to produce instruments that are unmatchable. We also offer modification and customization to make you feel extra comfortable.

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