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Crane Pick Elevator

Crane Pick Dental Elevator is used to elevate broken roots from the socket. The 45-degree angled sharp tip penetrates the root and does not put pressure on nearby teeth. As a result, it not only loses the tooth from the gums smoothly, but it also prevents trauma to the surrounding area of the impacted tooth.

These Crane Pick Elevators have the following patterns: 

•    Elevator, Crane Pick 8
    Elevator, Crane Pick 8 (Small)

In addition to this, its lightweight thumb hold handles, made with premium quality German stainless material, increase the dentist’s comfort during surgical procedures. A built-in sharp working end also assists in severing connective tissue and fibers from the base of the roots. Furthermore, its tip will neither bend nor break when luxating an impacted tooth. Not only is the working end of the apparatus useful in dislodging embedded roots from the alveolar bone. But also assists the surgeon in picking the pieces left behind when removal is complete.

Moreover, it’s autoclavable, can be reused after sterilization, and subsequently requires low maintenance.  These elevators are perfect to be a part of your unique dental surgical kit. So, let GerDentUSA provide you with top-of-line dental surgical instruments like crane pick elevator and make your healthcare practice successful. 

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