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Apical Elevator


The dental apical elevator is made to loosen the tooth from the periodontal socket and separate the periodontal ligament (PDL) from the tooth as well. Therefore, it aids in expanding the socket of the tooth for feasible extraction. These apical root elevators have a specific structure to remove root tips and broken or damaged fragments from the teeth. Therefore, it is ideal to use in deep-seated or broken roots.

The reliable features of this elevator make the surgical procedure less traumatic to the nearby tissues and adjacent teeth. Best of all, it has a thumb hold for additional comfort of the user. Just wedge the elevator between the bone and tooth at the tooth's neck and gently rotate the handle in a quarter-turn movement.

These sharp dental instruments have the following Patterns: 
•    Elevator, Apical 3L/302
•    Elevator, Apical 301 2S
•    Elevator, Apical 4R/303

The variations present in this instrument assist in several procedures. Our instruments are shaped ideally to fit appropriately for their purpose without requiring much pressure. The ergonomic design prevents on-job destructions such as hand strain or neck pain. We present a broad collection of dental surgical instruments because we know the trends and requirements of healthcare practices.

Our instruments are made of medical-grade German stainless steel at competitive prices. Additionally, it comprises high tensile strength and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, you can steam sterilize the instrument for reusing. So, complete your dental kit by adding a versatile apical elevator to make the tooth removal procedure efficacious.

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