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Gracey Curette

Gracey curette is periodontal area-specific curettes made of stainless steel. These are designed to extract supra and subgingival calculus. Dental Gracey, along with standard curettes, is one of the principal methods used for scaling and root planing. Locate the tip towards the tooth surface for a quarter or half of the cutting edge of Gracey instruments. Please ensure the lower shank is aligned to the top of your dent. For measurement, detachment applies mild lateral pressure. And for root preparation, it triggers the curette utilizing vertical, diagonal, or lateral pull strokes. This tool has a strong contra-angle for both anterior and canine incisors. Double-ended handle with fast grip. The majority of the Gracey range is built with a tendency towards the molars to root plane the tooth structure. These variations are tailored specifically to the extensive root anatomy found in this field. The Gracey Curette is mainly used on the buccal and lingual tooth aspects, particularly around the bifurcation. And it can be hard to access them.

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