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Dental Burs

Dental burs are essential tools for every dentist. They are used in preparing cavities for fillings, shaping bone, removing old fillings, and performing other dental procedures. 
We offer these surgical burs dental instruments in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific purpose. 

You can choose from the various options, each available in multiple size variations. 

Our Flame-shaped Diamond Burs are used to remove large amounts of tooth structure quickly. They are also ideal for shaping teeth and preparing them for crowns and veneers. These are available as #8861 Fine Grit 19mm (Standard Length).

We also offer Dental Acrylic Cutting Burs that are used to cut and shape acrylic resin, a material used to make dentures and other dental appliances. This dental bur is available in both cross-cut and plain-cut variations.  

You can also get Dental Diamond Burs with a grit of 19mm. These are used to grind down teeth and prepare them for fillings, crowns, and other dental procedures. Multiple variations of this dentistry bur are available. 

If you need to create a smooth, concave surface in a tooth, our Dental Inverted Cone Burs are specially designed for you. Primarily, these dental burs are preferable to prepare teeth for composite fillings.

Apart from that, our Dental Round Burs are specially designed to assist dental professionals in creating smooth, rounded surfaces in teeth. These also help remove old fillings and prepare teeth for crowns.

Additionally, to prepare fissures in teeth for sealants, our Dental Xcut Fissure Taper burs are reliable for a smooth procedure. These are also available in different variations. 

We also offer a specially designed bur holder. It is ideal for holding burs dental instruments in place while they are being used. Its ergonomic design keeps the burs safe and aligned. 

If you are a dentist, it is essential for you to have a variety of dental burs in your clinic. 

At GerDentUSA, we offer a wide selection of these specially designed German Stainless dental instruments at competitive prices. 

Explore now and find the right dental burs for your needs.

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