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Dental Xcut Fissure Taper Burs

Elevate your dental procedures with our Dental Xcut Fissure Taper Burs. We have specially designed these tapered fissure burs to prepare fissures in teeth for sealants. 

Fissures are small grooves in the teeth that are susceptible to cavities. Sealants are thin plastic coatings that are applied to fissures to protect them from cavities. 

Dental professionals can get our Xcut Fissure Taper Burs in multiple variations, including:

  Dental Bur Round End Xcut Fissure Taper 1702 - 19mm FG (Standard Length) - Pack Of 5
  Dental Bur Xcut Fissure Taper 703L - 44.5mm HP - 5 Cut
•  Dental Bur Xcut Fissure 557 22mm RA - Pack Of

Whether you choose the Round End Xcut Fissure Taper or the Xcut Fissure Taper 703L, you'll experience precision and durability. 

Explore now and ensure efficient dental care with these German stainless burs from GerDentUSA.

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