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Dental Bur Xcut Fissure Taper 701L 19mm FG (Standard Length) - Pack of 5

SKU: GD50-8024
Availability: In Stock

The Xcut Fissure Taper 701L is a tapered fissure bur with a 19mm shank and a standard length. It is designed for use in high-speed handpieces and is ideal for opening and preparing fissures for sealants. The bur has a long flute design for increased reach and access to deep fissures.

$23.98 $19.18

The tapered design of this bur assists in the gradual removal of tooth structure. It is also useful for other procedures that require the removal of small amounts of tooth structure in deep fissures, such as preparing teeth for orthodontic brackets or removing minor enamel defects.

  Requires high-speed handpiece 
•  Tapered 701 L
  19mm shank length 
  Pack of 5


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