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Dental Acrylic Cutting Burs

Our Dental Bur Acrylic Cutting Burs are the ultimate choice for the precise reshaping of dental acrylic resin.

Available in both Regular Cross Cut and Regular Plain Cut options, these burs make the procedures more effective.

These are ideal for cutting and shaping acrylic resin, a material used to make dentures and other dental appliances. 

We offers our Dental Acrylic Burs in two variations:

  Dental Bur Acrylic Cutting Bur - Regular Cross Cut
  Dental Bur Acrylic Cutting Bur - Regular Plain Cut

The cross cut variation is ideal for making quick, rough cuts in acrylic resin, while the plain-cut bur is ideal for creating a smooth finish in acrylic resin.

Achieve improved and accurate results, ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction with the reliability of GerDentUSA.

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