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Dental Inverted Cone Burs

The dental inverted cone burs are used to create a smooth, concave surface in a tooth. This type of bur is often used to prepare teeth for composite fillings. 

We have the following variations of Dental Inverted Cone Burs:

•  Dental Bur Inverted Cone 33 1/2 - 19mm FG (Standard Length) - Pack Of 5
•  Dental Bur Inverted Cone 39 - 44
  Dental Bur Inverted Cone 19mm FG (Standard Length) - Pack Of 5

Our Inverted Cone Bur dental tools offer precision and versatility. Available in various sizes, these burs are perfect for detailed work in tight spaces. 

With a pack of 5, our German stainless Inverted Cone Burs ensure long-lasting performance and durability. 

Achieve precision, even in challenging oral/dental areas, and provide your patients with the best dental care.

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