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Pluggers and Condensers

Pluggers and Condensers are commonly used dental instruments widely preferred in the field of conservative dentistry. These dental instruments are used to pack filling material for cavity preparations.

The plugger or condenser is also suitable for condensing amalgam and composite material. It features slightly curved working ends that help to pack restorative material into cavity preparations.

This incredible dental instrument plays a crucial role in placing filling material in the patient's mouth. It not only places but helps to target the inside cavity material of the tooth. Usually, the instrument features a double-ended that ensures the instrument is used correctly.

It is available in large or regular sizes to accommodate multiple case requirements. The incredible shank lead towards the handle that has a bent design. With the help of this bent design, the back teeth can be accessed easily.

The unique design of the instrument helps the dentists to get access to any teeth quadrants easily. Thus, it helps them in placing material in the cavity correctly.

The shape also ensures the material does not spread or pop out from the mouth. It is widely used in endodontic procedures—the instrument speed up the dentist's work.

GerDentUSA offers double-ended restorative dentistry instruments with various features and variations. The instrument features a solid resin handle, ultra-light pattern, and ultimate tactile, sensitive body.

The instrument is 100% handcrafted from premium grade German surgical stainless material. These dental instruments are reusable after sterilization.

If you have not found your desired instrument, let us know. We'll help you in every aspect. We also offer customized instruments to accommodate surgeon's preferences.

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