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Tanner Plugger

Tanner Plugger / Condenser used for the filling material into cavity preparations. These dental filling instruments are crafted from premium-grade German surgical stainless material.

Here some significant patterns: 
•    PLG Tan3 Tanner Plugger/Condenser 1.6mm/2.0mm
•    PLG Tan2 Tanner Plugger/Condenser 1.0mm/1.3mm
•    PLG Tan1 Tanner Plugger/Condenser 1.7mm/2.3mm
•    PLG Tan0 Tanner Plugger/Condenser 1.7mm/2.3mm

We are committed to providing a broad range of dental instruments along with various variations and features. We also provide customized instruments according to the surgeon’s preferences.

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