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Anglevator Stainless Steel Handle

The dental Anglevator is an innovative tool perfect for removing teeth from the alveolar bone. It performs the functions of the six dental tools, such as the Periotome, Luxator, Crane Pick, Chisel, Elevator, and Proximator. The dental tool has the following features: 

• Stainless steel handle 
• Sharp tip
• Ergonomic design

Its thick handle provides a secure grip on the instrument to reduce the chances of accidental injury due to tool slippage. GerDentUSA offers the Anglevator Stainless Steel Handle in different variations, each varying in size and pattern. 

We also offer this tool in the set so surgeons can get all its variations in one pack. Besides, we use German stainless steel in our tool manufacturing to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. It is also easily sterilizable and reusable.

Moreover, it does not require much maintenance when appropriately used. All these features make it a perfect fit for your tool kit.

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