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Amalgam Carrier

Amalgam carriers are the dental restoring instruments that are used to fill cavities with amalgam filling materials. They carry freshly prepared restorative material into the cavity. This carrier dental tool is available in both single-ended and double-ended designs. The instrument work by carrying amalgam in their carrier tips to dispense off in the cavities. They enable the operator to work with maximum efficiency. It comes in different shapes and sizes according to the place of need. They range from 1.5mm to 3mm in size.

The amalgam carrier dental instrument with its sleek style helps in minimizing finger fatigue. We have manufactured these instruments with supreme quality German stainless steel. We also offer customized made instruments to best fit according to your requirements. The body of the instrument is designed with advanced innovations to ensure proper grip and easy handling. Our specially designed instruments provide dentists with the best clinical outcomes. 

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