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Atraumatic Extraction Kit

SKU: GD50-5140
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3 Anglevators and 6 Forceps

$995.00 $699.00

ROW 1:

GD50-5124- Best for molars & premolars.

GD50-5128- Cowhorn tip 23.

GD50-5126- Cowhorn 222; Great for posterior teeth and 3rd molars or patients with limited openings.

ROW 2:

GD50-5130- Universal forceps.

GD50-5122- Mini 150; Great for sectioned molars, root tips, and has tremendous strength with superior control and ability.

GD50-5120- Mini bird beak. Best on root tips and small areas.

ROW 3:

Atraumatic Extraction Kit : Anglevator 3mm left, 5mm, and 3mm right- truly the workhorses of your kit. They can be used in every extraction procedure with each one targeting a different angle to work your way into each individual tooth with.

GerMedUSA Dental’s line forceps are designed to give you complete control over the extraction procedure. The thin beaks are cross serrated giving you a secure grip deep onto the root surface. Combined with the perfectly balanced, ergonomic handles, these forceps were made for atraumatic extractions.

GD50-5130- 150- Universal - traditionally for upper ext's, can be used anywhere

GD50-5122- 150 mini - Universal - great for root tips, difficult access, sectioned upper molars, pedo

GD50-5120-Bird Beak (Ash) - Universal - traditionally for lower anteriors.  Is best for pre molar to pre molar upper and lower. 


GD50-5120-Bird Beak mini - universal, great for root tips, difficult access

GD50-5128-Cowhorn 23 - lower molars, worked into furcation and pump to try and raise tooth or split.

GD50-5126-222 - upper/lower molars, for limited opening situations, wisdom teeth


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