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Things to Consider While Buying Woodson Elevator

Things to Consider While Buying Woodson Elevator

Dentists go through a lot of tooth extraction procedures in a day. They use various instruments to extract a tooth from the socket, and a dental elevator is one of them. Dentists use multiple elevators for a specific purpose to loosen the tooth from the socket. For example, the woodson elevator is the best choice for the retraction of the mucoperiosteum after a gingival incision. 

Did you know that elevator flaws cause the majority of errors during extraction surgeries? That’s why there is a pressing need to guide people on buying the correct elevators.  

Here we have described some essential things to consider while buying woodson dental elevators. Read on to get rid of the errors next time!

Important Things to Consider When Buying Woodson Elevator

There are a few things to consider when purchasing Woodson elevators. The selection of an appropriate elevator has a significant impact on the success of tooth extraction. That’s why you should be very careful when purchasing elevators. Here are some important points to note when buying a woodson dental elevator.

1. Tool Quality

The instrument quality should always be the topmost priority of dentists. These are the instruments you are going to operate inside the mouth of the patient. There is not even a minor chance of compromise on the quality of the elevator. High-quality tooth elevators play a vital role in providing the best care for patients. Additionally, a quality tool comprises an error-free structure and quality material.  

Quality tools provide comfort to the user during complex tooth extraction. As a result, dentists can provide precise tooth extraction with the best possible results to their patients. Here are some quality checks to ensure getting the best quality woodson dental elevators.

Look for high-grade stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. It’s also important to buy orthodontic pliers that are fully autoclavable.

  • Manufacturing Material

A dental professional should look for supreme quality German stainless-steel elevator to use for longer durations. Stainless steel instruments are highly tensile. They make robust elevators that do not get scratched easily. It resists the instrument body from getting bends and breaking due to the application of pressure.

That is the reason they are easy to maintain and do not have high maintenance costs. Therefore, that is a beneficial option for dentists to use in various tooth extraction procedures with ease and comfort.

  • Resistant to Corrosion and Rust

High-quality material such as German stainless steel contains around 10.5% of chromium which makes a protective layer on the instrument’s surface by reacting with the oxygen in the air. That is why they are highly resistant to rusty materials.

Also, it prevents the surface from corrodes easily, even when exposed to the air for a longer time. However, it is important to be very careful while storing the wet instrument. Any moisture on the instrument’s surface can easily corrode it.

  • Withstand Environmental Changes

Stainless steel woodson dental elevators have the ability to withstand high temperatures. Alloy elements in the steel make the instrument able to withstand the temperature of 1150°C. They are specifically designed to operate in high temperature and pressure conditions to ensure the best performance during surgeries.

2. Select the Correct Size

The selection of the correct size of the woodson elevator is necessary for a successful extraction surgery. You may have heard that comfort is the key. When you pick up the exact size of the instrument, things get easier for you. There is a wide variety of woodson elevators from which you need to select the best fit elevator. Choose it according to the surgical area and teeth type you have to apply.

3. Budget-Friendly

Dental surgical instruments are very costly. There are some sites demanding high charges for quality. It is a fact that quality always demands high costs, but you need to make sure you are paying enough to get the quality you want in your dental elevators. It is best to compare rates from different manufacturers and suppliers while ensuring quality. This way, you can get the most economical one with reasonable charges.

4. Selecting from Variations

There are different variations of woodson dental elevators in human dentistry. The purpose of these variations is to facilitate dental experts during surgeries. Different extraction procedures require the use of a specific size and design of the elevator. The purpose of the elevators is to lose the tooth from the socket so dentists can easily pull it to extract it from the socket.

That is the reason for the varying sharpness of the elevators, so you can use it for cutting the periodontal ligament accordingly. For this purpose, you need to select the best fit variation of the elevator to perform an error-free extraction.

5. Select the Advance Elevator

It is always preferable to get the most advanced instruments. Over time, there have been many modifications to the sizes and designs of the Woodson elevator. All these modifications are on the basis of the dentist’s needs during dental procedures.

These structural changes are essential to ensuring your best performance in tooth extraction surgeries. That is why the use of advanced tools is always beneficial for your dental practices. They make things easier for you during complex surgeries.  

6. Buy Autoclavable Instruments

Autoclaving destroys biological contaminants present on the surface of the instruments after surgeries. Without sterilization, it is not possible to use the same instrument on other patients. That’s why it is necessary to buy an autoclavable dental instrument to use it for a longer duration.

Shop Online to Get the Best Fit Woodson Elevators

The appropriate and most suitable woodson elevator can make the tooth extraction procedure even easier. Make sure to get high-quality elevators with the exact variation to deliver your best practices to the patients. 

To shop for good quality dental instruments in a convenient way, visit our website, GerDentUSA. We offer guaranteed high-quality German stainless-steel surgical instruments. All our tools are budget friendly and easy to handle.

We also offer customization options to our customers so they can get the perfect, precise tool according to their needs. Our aim is to provide you with quality tools that help you show exceptional performance during your daily practices.


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