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Orthodontic Pliers

Orthodontic Pliers are used for specific dental procedures, such as archwire work, contouring, loop forming, torquing, and placing stops in the archwire.

These dental pliers instruments have the following Patterns: 

•    Adam Plier Dental
•    Aderer Plier
•    Arrow Pliers
•    Bending Pliers
•    Bracket Removing Pliers

The pliers give the dentists more control during removal and placement. We have a broad range of dental pliers with different patterns and models. These tooth pliers are not only specialized in orthodontics but useful in general dentistry. The cutting tips and inserts are manufactured with hard metal enabling such instruments for efficient cutting. Additionally, some instruments come with round tips, which enhances the patients’ comfort as well as safety. Serrated working ends provide a secure and firm grip to health care practitioners while making dental surgical procedures efficacious. We use superior-quality metal for the manufacturing of Orthodontic Pliers, which makes the instruments highly resistant to rust, the constant stress of bending and cutting wires. You can also reuse such tools after proper sterilization.  The most common classifications are including hollow pliers, Bracket-removing pliers, contouring pliers, press pliers, etc. However, GerDentUSA provides you with the option to choose the ones as per your clinical needs. 

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