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Periosteal Elevator

Periosteal Elevator is designed to lift the full thickness of soft tissue flaps during dental practices. Likewise, it will separate the gingiva present around the tooth’s neck. These elevators are reliable for tooth removal practices as they provide maximum leverage and an optimal force during dental extraction procedures. In addition, it makes the extraction forceps application easier. This dentist tool features a double-ended, slightly curved, and thin tip to accommodate less traumatic manipulation. It comes with one blunt and one pointy edge.

These instruments have several variations, including:
·        Allen Periosteal Elevator
·        Bennett Periosteal Elevator
·        Benque Periosteal Elevator
·        Freer Periosteal Elevator
·        Mead periosteal elevator

Likewise, the elevators come in single or double-ended structures. The types of periosteal elevators are not limited to these. Besides, the variations are designed to assist the dentist in various tooth extraction procedures. These instruments have a long slender shape. They are used to elevate the delicate tissues before extracting the tooth. Then, the tissues are raised in a cervical manner to completely expose the area for feasible extraction. Nonetheless, the tips of the periosteal dental instrument require protection and should be kept sharp to prevent the shredding of the flap.

The GerDentUSA offers an extensive range of dental periosteal elevators along with multiple variations. All these instruments are perfect for accommodating various dental practices. More than that, the instruments come with unique features to accommodate dental professionals. Our dentistry instruments are reliable, robust, sharp, and long-lasting. They are crafted with German stainless material, requiring minimal maintenance. Even better, they are resistant to chemical reactions and environmental changes. The high-quality material makes the tools suitable for health care providers and enhances the patient’s comfort level. In fact, you can contact us to get custom-manufactured instruments as per the clinical requirements. We are enthusiastic about serving the best quality tools and services to stand out among the manufacturers and suppliers of dental surgical instruments. So, give us a chance to enhance your oral surgical procedure outcomes.


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