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Frequently Asked Questions about Tooth Extraction

Frequently Asked Questions about Tooth Extraction

Scientists have carried out several campaigns for oral healthcare promotion. Pre-dominantly, due to a few significant reasons, dental deformities couldn’t be eliminated among kids and adults. The reasons are:

  1. Low dietary intake
  2. Malnourishment
  3. Eating junk food
  4. More powerful germs
  5. Bad eating habits

After the fall of deciduous teeth, permanent teeth are meant to be endured forever. Unfortunately, when a tooth is harmed, infectious, or the jaw is overcrowded, tooth extraction becomes inevitable. However, a patient and an oral surgeon might have several questions in their minds before tooth extraction. The following are some important questions with answers. 

What Is Tooth Extraction?

People often feel uncomfortable undermining the extraction procedure. Albeit, the extraction procedure is the removal of the tooth from the socket. It is not horrifying at all but too comfortable instead.
The dentists can choose between tooth extraction is mainly divided into two types. 

  1. Simple extraction  
  2. Surgical (broken, below the surface, and or impacted tooth) extraction 

Oral surgeons place dental implants after replacing the tooth with an artificial tooth. This process can be done in one or multiple visits to the dental clinic or hospital. Fortunately, the new unnatural teeth look exactly like and work like the real tooth.

Is an extraction painful?

A tooth extraction procedure can be significantly hurting for the patient. So before pulling the tooth, the dentist numbs the surgical site through local or general anesthesia for the ease of the patient. For nonetheless 24 hours, the patient can feel pain, swelling, and bleeding afterward.

The problem is considered one of the significant risks after tooth extraction surgery. So dentists prescribe OTC painkillers. This allows the surgeon to perform their everyday tasks without feeling excessive pain.

What is Atraumatic Extraction?

Dentists prefer to use the most contemporary techniques for tooth pulling, such as Atraumatic Extraction. This technique is specially designed to remove the tooth easily while saving the bone. It is an ideal method to decrease the chances of bone damage and tissue trauma. Several other advantages of using this technique are described by the experts that include.

  1. Preservation of maximum alveolar bone
  2. Acceptable to the nerves patients 
  3. Quick and complete recovery 

How long does a tooth extraction take?

The tooth pulling is quite easily and swiftly done in the operating room. During the pulling, the tooth is loosened by using an elevator. Then to remove the tooth, the forceps are used. At last, the dissolvable stitches are used for wound closure. Usually, these sutures take two or more weeks to get dissolved.

The exact time cannot tell the surgeon. But, if several teeth need to be extracted, more time can be required. The time also depends upon the location and condition of the tooth or teeth. For tooth extraction, the entire procedure is followed step by step in more or less 20 to 40 minutes. 

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What if I need an emergency extraction?

Severe pain and bleeding of gums are considered a dental emergency.
In this condition, emergency tooth extraction surgery is prescribed. A few conditions can lead a patient to go through an emergency tooth, pulling a procedure that is: 

  1. Massive breaks
  2. Severe pain and bleeding
  3. Large cracks 
  4. Severe infection
  5. Scenarios when oral health is at risk

Medical treatment is immediately required to fix the emergency if it happens in the middle of the night. The patient must visit the nearest dental clinic/hospital and get it done as soon as possible. 

How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I eat?

Post-operative time is called the recovery period. Typically, a few days are needed for the patient’s recovery. Meanwhile, soft foods such as yogurt, pudding, and applesauce can be eaten to kill hunger.
Dental surgeries are considered as necessary and delicate as physicians do the other surgeries. Hence, the significance of high-quality tools cannot be denied. The use of sharp, reliable, and made of medical-grade metals can be the reason for successful surgeries. 
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