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Anglevator 3mm Right Plastic Handle

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The Anglevator 3mm Right Plastic Handle is the perfect tool for an atraumatic tooth extraction procedure. Its plastic handle provides better control over the instrument and reduces the chances of slippage. Also, the stainless-steel shank allows easy manipulation of the teeth during dental treatment.


Our Anglevator 3mm Right Plastic Handle features a 3mm sharp tip to cut the periodontal ligament from the alveolar bone. It precisely cuts the PDL by keeping the nearby oral tissues intact. Besides, it can reach confined periodontal spaces smoothly to make tooth extraction convenient. 

Anglevator 3mm Right Plastic Handle

We use German stainless steel in our tool manufacturing to make it long-lasting. It is also easily autoclavable and reusable. Also, our dental tool has the following features:

• Non-slippery handle
• Resistance to rust and corrosion
• Inert surface to many chemical reactions
• Low maintenance requirement  


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