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Endo Explorer Double Ended DG16/17

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A double-ended dental instrument for navigating root canals and detecting dental issues. It features two unique curved working ends that allow dentists to explore canal anatomy and cracks. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip and optimal control during delicate procedures.

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Categories: Endodontic Explorer

The Endo Explorer Double Ended DG16/17 is used in endodontics, the treatment of the tooth's inner pulp. This explorer features two distinct ends: a DG16 for navigating root canals and a DG17 for detecting cavities and cracks. The sharp, angled tips allow dentists to precisely explore the canal anatomy and identify areas of decay or resorption. These instruments are German-forged and easily autoclaved for repeated use.

Streamline your endodontic procedures with our Endo Explorer Double Ended DG16/17.  Experience superior control and tactile sensation. Shop Now!

   Curved Working Ends
   Long Handle


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