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Tharp L7 Carver

SKU: GD-1950
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The Tharp L7 Carver is a double-ended dental instrument designed for precise restorative procedures. Its removable, sharp curved tips help create grooves and ridges for optimal filling material shape.

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The double-working ends of the Tharp L7 Carver feature thin, sharp, removable tips curved at nearly a right angle. This unique design allows for the creation of precise grooves and ridges to hold restorative materials effectively. The Tharp L7 Carver also has a round handle that provides a non-slip grip for exceptional control during dental procedures. These instruments are German-forged and easily autoclaved for repeated use.

Achieve superior control and precision in your restorative dentistry procedures. Shop Tharp L7 Carvers now!

  Double Sharp Curved Removable Tips
  Autoclaved For Reuse
  Long Handle


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