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Tharp 3 Carver

SKU: GD-1946
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The Tharp 3 Carver dental instrument features unique tips—one hook-like curved and the other with two stripes. Its longer design aids in carving and contouring during restorative procedures and offers precise material manipulation.

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These dental instruments are specially designed for restorative dentistry procedures. It boasts two unique working ends to tackle hard-to-reach areas. One end features a hook-like curved design, ideal for maneuvering around tight spaces. The other end has two stripes for improved grip and control during intricate procedures. Both ends are longer than standard carvers, offering greater accessibility. These instruments are manufactured from German-forged steel and are easily sterilizable for reuse. 

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  German Stainless
  Double Working End
  Sterilizable For Reuse



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