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Tharp Carver

The Tharp carver is an ideally manufactured dental instrument helpful for restorative procedures. It helps dental professionals carve, contour, and smooth filling material. It features two working ends, and both are curved. 

Moreover, the round hollow handle of this carver dental instrument provides a non-slippery grip to enhance surgeons’ hand control during the procedure. While using the Tharp carver, dentists need to take great care as it features sharp tips. 
There are many variations available for this special type of dental carver. Usually, it features curved design tips that are removable. This feature makes this dental tool distinct from the rest of the types. 

To assist dental professionals, we carry a variety of Tharp carvers. Each of the variants is ideal for its unique specialties. Some of our top-notch Tharper dental carvers include:

• Tharp L7 Carver
• Tharp A Carver
• Tharp 3 Carver
• Tharp 2 Carver
• Tharp 1 Carver

Among these variations, Tharp L7 Carver is a double-ended dental instrument. It features removable tips that are curved at almost right angles. Both the tips are thin and sharp, making them more efficient for developing grooves and ridges to fill the restorative materials.

Tharp A Carver features two working ends with a round hollow handle to ensure a non-slippery grip. It is ideal for smoothing surfaces, carving anatomical features, and trimming excess materials during restorative procedures.

Unlike other variations, the tips of the Tharp 3 Carver are slightly different from the rest of the Tharp Dental Carvers. One of the tips of Tharp A carver is hook-like curved, while the other has two stripes on it. Moreover, both the tips are longer than the standard Carver instrument. 

Tharp 2 Carver is also a double-ended periodontal tool. One working end of the instrument is simply curved, while the other has three curves making a hook-like structure. So, it can access deeper spaces for contouring the filling material. Moreover, the hollow round handle of the instrument enhances surgeons’ hand grip. 

Tharp 1 Carver has an almost similar structure to the Tharp 2 carver. Both the tips are thin and pointed. Moreover, they are fixed with the handle, unlike Tharp L7 and Tharp 3 Carver.

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