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Gum Scissors

Gum scissors are used widely in dental surgical procedures to make them more effective and safer. The dental gum scissors are involved in cutting and trimming gum tissues according to your desired shape. These dental scissors instruments feature sharp upper blade edges with specially designed razors to cut smoothly and effectively through dense or delicate tissue. Different dental conditions need different types of gum scissors. We have crafted a wide range of dental scissors to fit your requirements better, e.g., LaGrange gum scissors, Goldman-Fox gum scissors, Matzenbaum pointed gum scissors, Kelly gum scissors, Castroveijo gum scissors, and many more.

We are offering advanced designs of gum scissors with both straight and serrated blades. The right oral dental scissors enhance your work for better, healthier patients. Our high-quality German stainless material dental surgical scissors ensure clean-cut results with minor trauma and faster healing. You can customize them in many ways depending on the type of scissors you need. Choose their blade, size, tip, and more to get the ideal cutting instrument.

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