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Metzenbaum Scissors

Metzenbaum scissors are versatile surgical instruments that are invaluable not only in various medical procedures but also the dentistry. They have long shank-to-blade ratio and are known for their precision, sharpness, and ergonomic design. Other names for these scissors include Metz and Lahey forceps. With multiple variations available, our Metzenbaum scissors have great value in dentistry. These are designed to assist dentists in a range of dental procedures.

The German-forged scissors come with:

• Super Sharp and SuperCut Patterns 
• TC Insert Jaws
• Multiple Sizes
• Blunt tips 
• Sharp blades

With sharp and precise blades, our Metzenbaum scissors are ideal for handling soft tissues efficiently. Moreover, these German stainless steel Metz are helpful in trimming excess gum tissue during periodontal procedures and dissecting delicate oral tissues. Apart from that, our Metzenbaum scissors feature ergonomically designed finger ring handles. So they fit comfortably in the dentist’s hand, providing excellent control.

Metzenbaum scissors are available in multiple variations to cater to the diverse needs of dental professionals. These variations in blade design allow dentists to select the most suitable scissors for each procedure, ensuring optimal performance. The curved one helps dentists reach difficult-to-access areas, making the procedure more efficient overall. Tungsten carbide inserts make our scissors more durable and precise. The super sharp and super-cut blades make the tissue dissection quicker and less traumatic.

Overall, our Metzenbaum scissors are highly regarded in the dental field. This is because of their superior cutting ability, precision craft, and ergonomic design. These are sterilizable for reuse and resistant to corrosion.

We have been manufacturing and supplying dental surgical instruments for the last three decades. We take pride in fulfilling the needs of dental professionals in a better way.
Explore our Metzenbaum Scissors and make your choice for your dental kit!

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