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Surgical Chisels

A surgical chisel is a surgical instrument that is used in cutting and re-contouring the bones. The specially designed chisel surgical tool is used to facilitate the cartilage's delamination to prepare the bone for fusion. We have also introduced double-sided chisels with different curvatures on both sides to help in doing the dual work.

We are offering a wide variety of chisels of different types such as Fedi surgical bone chisel, Goldman fox surgical bone chisel, Kirkland surgical chisel, and Ochsenbein surgical chisel. One side performs the cutting through the cartilage-bone interface, and the other side helps the peeling of the cartilage. The chisel dental instrument is also available in various widths to facilitate a wide range of procedures. It is made of premium quality German stainless steel to ensure maximum durability of the instrument. Our trained instrument makers handcraft this chisel surgical instrument to deliver the best of our services.

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