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Kirkland Chisel

Kirkland Chisel is also known as "Periodontal Chisel." It is used to remove the remaining tooth fibers or recontour the periodontal bone during periodontal surgical procedures. It features curve tips on both sides to accommodate easy removal.

•    29K Kirkland Surgical Bone Chisel
•    13KL - Kirkland Surgical Chisel, 4mm/6mm
•    13K/TG - Kirkland Surgical Chisel, 3.5mm/4.5mm
•    13K/TG - Kirkland Surgical Chisel, 3.5mm/3.0mm

The curve working ends are helpful in a pull stroke. It is manufacture in large, medium, and broad-end patterns. Kirkland's double-ended chisel has multiple variations concerning working ends.

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