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Bone Chisel

Bone chisels are dental instruments used by dental professionals in different dental surgeries. These instruments are used to cut and shape the bone. The instruments are also used to contour, smooth, and remove areas of bone or enamel during surgical processes.

The dental bone chisel tool is manufactured with medical-grade stainless material that is disinfectable and sterilizable. The bone chisel instrument comprises the beveled cutting blade. The bone chisel dental tool is available in various widths to facilitate a wide range of procedures.

Handcrafted with special German stainless steel, our chisels uphold their sharpness. These instruments are the best instruments for refining, smoothing, and shaving bone. Our single-ended bone chisels with angled blades give the advantage of performing a wide range of surgical procedures.

Our trained instrument makers design the bone chisel instrument to deliver the best of our services. Our bone chisels are designed in such a way that they ensure precision and accuracy in all surgical procedures.

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