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Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal instruments are specialized tools used in dentistry. These instruments are primarily used during scaling and dental surgical procedures. The periodontal surgical instruments include surgical knives, periodontal files, surgical curettes, periotomes, and surgical chisels. We have introduced a wide range of surgical knives, available in different sizes and styles.

Periodontal knives are used in making incisions in soft tissues of facial or lingual surfaces. These are important dental tools used in different surgical procedures by dentists. These instruments are all made with supreme quality German stainless material for maximum strength and resilience. 

The periodontal files are also widely used in the dental field to make the surfaces smooth and remove hard dental plaques and deposits. The surgical curettes are uniquely designed to help remove infectious material and debris from the underlying areas. 

All of our dental instruments are purposely built with the best detailing and crafting. Each perio instrument is specially designed for your comfort and the best clinical outcomes. These instruments are created to bring innovations to the dental field. Our instruments are crafted to fulfill all your clinical needs and to make you stand at the top amongst all. We assure to provide you with the best quality equipment to enhance your clinical skills. 
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