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Dental Sickle Scaler

Dental Sickle Scaler is used to remove the calculus and plaque from the tooth surface. The sickle scaler's tip is also used to remove the calculus from the blood grooves and developmental grooves. The sharp cutting edge of the sickle is adapted to tenacious calculus, which allows the strong and sharp working ends to fracture the deposit cleanly away from the tooth. As a result, calculus often breaks away from the tooth in visible chunks instead of being shaved or whittled away. 

These instruments have the following patterns:
•    Anterior Sickle Scaler
•    Crane Kaplan Scaler
•    Curette Sickle Scaler
•    Jacquette Sickle Scaler

GerDentUSA provides a broad range of dental instruments along with multiple variations. All these instruments are robust, sharp, and durable. This advanced oral tool is specifically designed to reach deeper crevices. As a result, dentists can remove plaque or calculus from hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.  We offer multiple variations to assist the healthcare providers, so they can perform the surgical procedures effectively. Moreover, they are lightweight and ergonomic, which increases the comfort level of health care practitioners and leads to more successful treatments. So, complete your surgical kit with our expertly crafted dental sickle scaler and avoid any hassle during oral procedures. 

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