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Chisel Scaler

A dental chisel scaler is used for dislodging calculus deposited on the anterior mandibular teeth. The sharp cutting edge of the instrument is adapted to tenacious calculus and fractures the deposit cleanly away from the tooth. 

Moreover, it helps medical practitioners to contour, smooth, or remove the bone area so that implant material can easily be inserted. The appropriate use of our uniquely designed chisel scaler dental instrument makes oral surgical procedures successful and more effective.
Additionally, it minimizes the risk of trauma and the chances of damage to the adjacent soft tissues. This advanced oral tool is specifically designed to reach deeper crevices. So dentists can remove plaque or calculus from hard-to-reach areas easily. We offer multiple variations to assist dental professionals, so they can perform surgical procedures effectively. All our dental instruments are lightweight and ergonomic. So, complete your surgical kit with our expertly stainless steel-crafted chisel scaler.

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