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Tissue Pliers / Forceps

Surgical pliers and forceps are used in a variety of dental procedures. They are used for grasping, holding, and manipulating purposes. These medical pliers feature comfortable handling, which makes them easy to hold and operate. Our uniquely designed pliers with angled tips allow perfect access without obstruction. Most often, these instruments are used in placing cotton and dressings in different dental procedures.

The handcrafted German stainless steel pliers serve best in dental surgeries because of their advanced and high-quality composition. We offer different types of surgical tissue pliers or forceps such as Debakey forceps, Allis-Coakley tonsils forceps, Adson tissue forceps, Baby Crile hemostatic forceps, and many more. These all smooth or cross-hatched dental forceps are used for moving to dress, removing sutures, and other surgical purposes. All of them are specially designed to fulfill your requirements. Each type of forceps is purposely built to help you in getting perfect clinical outcomes.

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