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Needle Holder, Micro

Needle holder is an instrument made to use in a variety of surgical procedures. These instruments are used in suturing during a surgical process. The holders consist of delicate jaws and are specially designed to handle delicate suturing material during surgical procedures. Both curved and straight designs of the dental needle holder are available depending on the surgical demand.

Different surgical needle holders in different sizes are available such as Castro Viejo needle holders, Debakey needle holders, needle holders with a spoon, and many more. The round handles of them facilitate the smooth grip with non-slip and convenient control. Our uniquely designed needle holder surgical instruments ensure a firm grip and comfortable handling. They are manufactured with top-quality German stainless steel. The microneedle holder works with precision and accuracy to provide you with the best clinical results. These advanced needle holders are a must to have in your surgical kit to enhance your skills.

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