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Ryder Needle Holder

The Ryder Needle Holder is a unique tool for holding small sutures. It is used in cardiology, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and dentistry. The Ryder Needle Holder has a finger ring ratchet system that keeps the needle in place for an extended period with minimal effort. In addition, the tungsten carbide cross-serrated tips firmly grasp the small needle, preventing it from twisting, slipping, or flattering during suturing.

The Ryder Needle Holder is made of the best materials. It has non-tapered, narrow jaws made of tungsten carbide (TC). Furthermore, the finger-ring handles are gold-plated. Because of their superior construction, these scissors are long-lasting, durable, and reusable.

Our Ryder Needle holders have the following excellent features: 
• Narrow and non-tapered jaws
• TC inserts
• Ratchet Mechanism
• Cross Serrated Tips
• Gold-plated handles

The Ryder Needle Holder is reusable after sterilization due to its German-forged material. In addition, we offer top-quality Ryder Needle holders in many variations and sizes. 

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