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Gum Scissors

Gum Scissors are the dental surgical instrument. These dentist tools are used to trim and cut the gums and soft tissue during oral surgery. GerDentUSA offers a vast range of dental Gum Scissors.

These dental scissors include Castroviejo Scissors, Dean Gum Scissors, Goldman-Fox Gum Scissors, Iris Gum Scissors, Kelly Gum Scissors, LaGrange Gum Scissors, Locklin Gum Scissors, Mayo Gum Scissors, Metzanbaum Gum Scissors, Quinby Gum Scissors, and Other Gum Scissors.

These dental gum scissors are made of medical-grade German stainless steel. They are reusable, sturdy, and unbendable scissors. They are long-lasting and reliable dental instruments. Sterilization heat, pressure, and environmental changes do not affect them. They are perfect to be a part of your amazing surgical instrument.

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