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Anglevator Dental Extraction Set With Plastic Handle

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Dental tooth extraction instrument kit with a plastic handle which includes our new revolutionary 3mm Right angle, 3mm Left angle, and 5mm Straight tipped oral tooth extraction tools.

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Anglevator VS Standard Dental Instruments

(i.e. Periotome, Luxator, Crane Pick, Elevators, and Proximator)

An Anglevator is an instrument commonly used by dentists. With or without experience, it would be wrong to say that a professional dentist will be unable to perform the dental surgeries using Anglevators in an appropriate manner. Through utilizing the right Anglevators, would allow the dentist to perform a more efficient procedure. It is synonymous to a soldier fighting in the battle zone without his arms. In such a situation, he will end up with nothing but losing his life despite having experience in his fields. With this comparison, we can conclude that proper instruments are needed to perform dental activities in the desired manner. Coming back to the point, a dentist will not be able to perform a smooth tooth extraction without possessing the right Anglevators.

What is an Anglevator??TheAnglevator, designed by Dr. Eric Schuetz, is a luxating tool that allows you to penetrate deep into the PDL and elevate the root surface, giving you the control you need to perform incomplete extraction It is a combination of six other main dental hands used tools that facilitate in tooth extraction. These include the following:

1- Periotome
2- Luxator
3- Crane pick
4- Chisel
5- Elevator
6- Proximator

Anglevators are universal tools. These can be used for all kinds of tooth extraction procedures. The instrument is safely wedged between the bone and the root in the space technically called PDL. Anglevator is then twisted or rotated to loosen the root.

How an anglevator is used? In order to use the tool correctly, you'll need to place the angled blade point into the Mesial Buccal, in an apical direction. Work it as deep as possible and then rotate it or twist it like an elevator.

Anglevators are designed in multiple colors in order to be used in a variety of angles. The color options are as follows:

1- Aqua Blue Anglevator: on the upper left or lower right
2- Dark Blue Anglevator: on the upper right and lower left
3- Large Tan Anglevators: works great on number 1 and 16, deep periopoclets and anywhere one needs a lot of torque

The objective is to penetrate as deeper as possible in the PDL space, wedging between the root and the bone safely and then wiggling the tooth loose.

Why do we recommend Anglevators?

Anglevators are recommended to use rather than Peritome, Luxator, Crane Pick, Elevator, and Proximator, because it makes the extraction process less painful for the patient and time-efficient for the dentist. Anglevators are more reliable, versatile, and thin enough at the tip so that it can fit under the tooth below the gum line and strong enough to elevate it without breaking. As a professional dentist, you will find these to be the surgical instruments that meet the diversified tooth extraction requirements based on previous experience. Studies show that Anglevators are much effective when dealing with larger bone defects.

No extraction kit is completed until unless it includes an Anglevator. It has been designed with a wider blade tapering off to the finest edge. This is an oral extraction tooth instrument, where there is a need for more torque.

In conclusion, you should buy Anglevators made up of Stainless steel enabling you to perform a smooth tooth extraction. They last longer as they are resistant to corrosion. You can easily find these tools online. They will ensure ease in different kinds of dental surgeries.


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