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Anglevator Set

Anglevator is an innovative dental tool perfect for atraumatic tooth extraction procedures. The single dental instrument functions like the six different dental tools, such as the Periotome, Luxator, Crane Pick, Chisel, Elevator, and Proximator. GerDentUSA offers the following sets of this uniquely designed tool:

• Stainless Steel Handle Black Shank
• Stainless Steel Handle Color Coated
• Set with Plastic Handle
• Set with Stainless Steel Handle
• Set with Stainless Steel Pediatric

Our Anglevators Set has all the tools that have ergonomically designed thick handles. As a result, they provide an effective grip on the tool and reduce the chances of accidental injuries caused by tool slippage. In addition, all the tools in the set have sharp tips that allow precise cutting of the periodontal ligament from the alveolar bone.

All the instruments in our set are easily sterilizable and reusable. The stainless-steel shanks also allow easy manipulation of the teeth. They are reliable, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. They also have surfaces that are inert to many chemical reactions and are perfect to be part of your toolkit.  

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