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Dental Scissors are used to trim and cut the gums and soft tissue during oral surgery.

These dental scissors include:
•    Castroviejo Scissors
•    Dean Gum Scissors
•    Goldman-Fox Gum Scissors
•    Iris Gum Scissors
•    Kelly Gum Scissors
•    LaGrange Gum Scissors

Using the right technique to hold and use this tool is extremely important for effective treatment. One of the best ways of holding this instrument is using a tripod type of grip which involves putting the thumb and the middle fingers in the finger rings of the instruments. The index finger should be placed on the fulcrum. Make sure not to put the fingers too deep into the rings otherwise, it can cause difficulty in maneuvring. Avoid using the index finger and ring finger for gripping the tool, as it can cause instability and inefficiency.

However, GerDentUSA is committed to providing you with the best. We use exceptional manufacturing methods to produce dental scissors with long-lasting sharpness and are extremely durable. It will not only help to make the task easier for the expert but also it will provide extreme comfortability when using it. Additionally, such tools are easy to sterilize and extremely sharp and durable. 

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